Partnership Program

Partner with Us!

The Performance Opportunity Partnership Program is designed to provide opportunities to demonstrate professional and management skill directed toward career development.  This is achieved by managing community-based projects gaining project management experience. This is the experience employers look for and by partnering with us, you’ll have it on your resume.

Project work begins in July and continues through May.  Each week the project management team meets online to manage current projects.  The time commitment ranges from 4 to 30 hours per month working in a virtual environment.

Partners who contribute throughout the July-May season will receive 35 hours of formal project management training valued at $2,000.00.  The training is designed to prepare individuals for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

There are several professional certifications; however, CAPM and PMP certifications are the most valuable. Interviewers looking to fill in a position understand this as they prioritize profiles with CAPM and PMP certifications over those that do not.

Project management skills are in high demand and employers receive many applications. It is time and resource consuming for companies to interview and assess the potential of all the applicants; therefore, they filter many people as possible before starting the interview process. This is where the CAPM and PMP certifications prove beneficial as it is the most objective way to shortlist candidates.  Including your project management team effort with CAPM and PMP certification and you can jump to the top of the candidate shortlist.